Jeremy Teff

Senior Creative Director

It may sound like it’s a long way from marketing transportation services for one of the world’s largest trucking companies to designing entire identities for a niche coffee brand. And it may be. But it was a swift, natural move for Jeremy and solid proof that following your passion pays off.

After six years in the marketing division of JB Hunt, Jeremy made the decision to initiate his formal design eduction and turn his sights on a career as graphic designer and illustrator. With a solid education and only a few of his chops, he joined the just-born BLKBOX as our first and only designer. And the rest, as they say, is history. He has gone on to design and provide creative direction on a highly eclectic range of clients, including a major healthcare provider, several boutique start-ups, a couple of bands and even an indie movie.

To each of these projects, he has brought his widely recognized, hand-crafted approach to brand identity and design. While Jeremy is expert working in a broad range of aesthetics and styles, his abilities as an old school graphic designer and illustrator who actually draws and makes art set his work apart.

Jeremy is the winner of the 2013 Designed by Few Conference Award, numerous Addys, AIGA and Brass Ring awards. He also continues to actively give back to emerging and aspiring designers and design students as a judge, panelist and mentor for a long list of organizations, institutions and academic programs.

Today, as Executive Creative Director, Jeremy heads up all of our studio activities and sets the standard for thoughtful, high quality work and design excellence.

“Jeremy is able to translate what’s in my head into a distinctive visual style that is authentic. He takes the ideas I have that may seem crazy and somehow makes them viable in a market that too often seems to stay in its own small box.”

Jon Allen, Founder, Onyx Coffee Labs