Mark Stavely

President | BLKBOX Media

With over 13 years of experience leading national sales teams and business development groups
in the real world, Mark Stavely’s passion is equal parts ideation, strategic insight and fresh ideas.
His big thing: finding creative solutions.

He doesn’t do anything by halves. Mark has promoted a number of big-name brands across the spectrum: Nestle, JB Hunt, Ford, Toyota and Polaris, just to name a few. He’s also crafted grand opening store strategies for the world’s largest retailer and taken a local restaurant startup to the national stage. Not being afraid to flip something on its side to gain a new perspective, Mark’s bold, fresh approach to strategic marketing continues to prove successful for clients across the board.

Mark propels our creative portfolio into the digital sphere, giving us—and our clients—a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive space. With his media know-how, charisma and penchant for creative solutions, Mark fearlessly mans the helm as President of BLKBOX Media. And we’re lucky to have him.

“A rare combination of creativity and efficiency’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Mark Stavely. I had the pleasure of working with Mark for several years while I was buying media for a Fortune 200 company. I’ve always been particularly impressed with Mark’s ability to not only find the target audience, but also come to the table with creative ideas on how to maximize the media spend. Mark is a great combination of ‘trusted business partner’ and ‘a pleasure to work with.’ I am confident that, regardless of the size of your business, you’ll find the same.”

Jay Staggs | President, ROI, Inc.