Southern Swim




Out In The South

Born and bred in the Ozark Mountains, Southern Swim is an e-commerce brand set on creating a link between southern culture and designer swimwear. Since we’re southerners, this project hit close to home and it was born totally in house. We created a unique online retail experience that fully immersed all consumers in the South. No pun intended.

We weren’t just selling a product. We were telling a story. So the brand became as social as the South. For months, we blasted original content across Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, sparking intrigue before the site even launched. Just over a year later, Southern Swim and swimwear in the South are synonymous.

In terms of digital, we created a look fit for designer swimwear, and that reflected the brand’s southern roots. We created hand crafted and lettered brand marks as distinctive as the region’s heritage.

“Southern Swim connected with over a million consumers in its first year.”


Where did we end up?

With over 4 million page views, 40,000 Facebook likes, 15,000 Instagram followers and still growing, Southern Swim quickly became the hottest swimwear company of 2014. Southern Swim isn’t just an e-commerce site, it is the media syndicate for southern lifestyle.