Seth Kaffka

VP of Business Development

Seth is the ultimate sales and marketing connector, an all around networking genius with over 15 years of experience. In that time, he has done it all: driven high-volume selling of commodities, sourced and managed consumer goods for national retailers and transformed start-ups into million-dollar businesses.

Among Seth’s previous professional roles are executive leadership in a variety of segments including banking, real estate and new business development. In the pharmaceutical industry, he led several product launches for multi-million dollar corporations like Zetia and Singular. As an agency executive, he created in-store and direct mail campaigns for Sam’s Club and GE Capital.

Seth was the recipient of several Northwest Arkansas Addy Awards and he’s worked with clientele on local, regional and national levels.

As VP of Industrial Sales at Blackhive, Seth directed trade for the eastern portions of the United States while managing several major accounts, business development and lead generation. He sourced and implemented a broad portfolio of private label products for powerhouse brands such as Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Costco, driving revenue of over $25M in just two years.

As BLKBOX’s VP of Business Development, Seth creates a seamless connection between clients and our design and development teams to ensure maximum project impact and a process that’s always a pleasure.

“If I had to come up with one word to describe Seth, I’d have to make it up. Client-centric. Seth naturally and consistently makes sure that his clients are at the center of every consideration. His view of business development is that he’s responsible for the development of his clients’ business first. That’s the way it should be, right? So client-centric, that’s the word.”

Ryan Efurd | CEO, Blackhive Corp.