Shayne Hart

Chief Executive Officer

Shayne is a retail, creative and brand expert with over 25 years of experience. He has worked in critical roles in the formation of multiple start-up ventures; created and operated his own companies; groomed brands for successful acquisition and held executive leadership positions in multi-billion dollar corporations.

Shayne’s early work led to selection for the Neiman Marcus Executive Training Program while still under the leadership of Mr. Stanley Marcus. He has gone on to advise on dozens of projects for a diverse group of brands including Procter & Gamble; Miles Kimball; Nuvo; the first international network of luxury florists; Stila; Gap, Inc.; Hot Topic; Old Navy; Bath & Body Works and many others.

In addition to extensive creative direction and product design, Hart’s portfolio also includes publishing ventures with national publisher, Chronicle Books, and even a turn at directing and producing music videos.

As the Managing Director of Studio at Fred Segal, the maverick West Coast retailer, and as a consultant, he advised dozens of emerging and established brands on concept development, strategic direction and creative strategy. His leadership at Studio led to minority acquisition and a long-term development agreement with brand conglomerate,, Limited Brands, Inc.

In 2004, founder and President of Old Navy, Jenny Ming, asked him to join her team as Vice President of Design & Merchandising for Non-Apparel & New Business Ventures, otherwise known as “Cool Stuff.” He led expansion into new categories; launched the retailer’s first sub-brands; revitalized its accessories businesses; and introduced programs that included personal care, home fragrance, and even a line of dog merchandise. This position set him at the creative helm of multiple business categories with revenues in excess of $650 million annually.

Following his work with Gap Inc., Shayne was tapped to become the first creative officer at Limited Brands, Inc. In this expansive role as Senior Vice President/Creative, he led the creative direction of all brands and sub-brands in the company’s portfolio and the holistic integration of all consumer touch points. This role included leadership and strategic direction of all design and creative teams for product design, development, marketing and in-store experience. Additionally, he directly advised the CEO and brand Presidents on emerging trends and strategic creative matters. The cumulative revenue of his brand portfolio exceeded $2 billion in annual sales with over 35 million consumer contacts daily.

Shayne’s clients, projects and ventures have been featured in the media prominently, including WWD, Vogue, The Washington Post, Boutique Hong Kong, Conde Nast Sports for Women, Elle Décor, E Television, MTV, Bravo, Harper’s Bazaar, In Style, VH-1, and Logo Network. He is the recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He and his teams have received the coveted FiFi award and the Premier 1 Award. He was an original member of the Procter & Gamble Design Board and is a regular speaker at conferences and institutions, including Big Bang, F.I.T., and Men’s Health & The Future.

As BLKBOX Chief Creative Officer, Shayne combines his entrepreneurial vision and forward- looking design leadership on all of our projects. And he adds a good dose of common sense to keep us grounded, but always fresh.

“Shayne has the ability to take in everything that is going on in art, design, business, culture and fashion and use it in his highly strategic thinking to create real solutions for brands and products. And he does this with great passion, commitment, integrity and the refreshing spirit of a true entrepreneur. What more could anyone ask for???”

Ivy Ross | Head, Google Glass/Google+