Judson Lee

Partner + President

Email: judson@blkboxlabs.com

Judson Lee has spent his entire 15-year career in varied creative and business pursuits, from audio and music production to specialty retail startups to brand strategy and marketing, with several points in-between. His diverse skill set and experiences, guided by a natural curiosity, have led to opportunities to serve clients and partners ranging from media titans such as NBC and ABC, cultural heavyweights like Saturday Night Live, and a range of independent fashion, music, and retail brands around the country.

Formally trained in both journalism and music, Lee has continued to seek creative outlets while retaining an eye for business and entrepreneurship. He has worked as a content contributor at the national, regional, and local levels.

After completing his studies in 2002, Lee spent nearly a decade in Los Angeles, working in the film, television, and music industries in various roles from executive producer to re-recording mixer and composer. His clients included Universal, Sony Computer Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, MTV, E! Entertainment, Discovery Channel, and dozens more.

In addition to his media work during this time, Lee was also an active content contributor to multiple men’s lifestyle blogs and magazines, shining a light on emerging brands, makers, and trends. He helped activate LimitedHype, which maintained an average of over 6,000 views daily and was nominated for several Best Men’s Online Magazine awards in 2009 and 2010.

After returning to his native Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2012, Lee formed a new business partnership and launched The Independent Denim & Essentials, a men’s specialty retail store focused on contemporary clothing and lifestyle essentials. Lee served as the managing partner, spearheading annual growth that led to opening a second location in Downtown Bentonville, in 2015. The Independent was recognized annually as a “Best of” retail shop in both local and regional publications.

In 2017, Lee joined BLKBOX as Director of Brand & Business Development and now as Partner and President where he works to expand the agency’s business portfolio and advises clients on brand strategy and creative direction.

Lee lives in Fayetteville with his wife, Ashley, and his four sons, Liam, Noel, Luke, and Gray.

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