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The Courage To Do What's Right

Real Life Heroes

Gabrielle Giffords is the embodiment of courage. Throughout her political career and even after an assassination attempt, Gabby has been an agent for change. She's campaigned for gun safety and common sense gun laws in the House of Representatives and across the country. On the precipice of the 2018 Midterm Elections, Gabby took her message to campuses throughout the US to speak directly to the American people, especially some of our most vulnerable—our youth. We collaborated with Markham Group to take this show on the road.


Strength In Numbers

We always say people connect with people. And it's really easy to look at an issue like gun safety and think, "This problem is way too big to fix!" But it isn't. We broke it down into real stories from real people, putting individuals first, to show that when we all come together, big change comes a bit easier.


People First

We sat down with real people—survivors, candidates, representatives, young people, and concerned citizens—and talked lawmaking, safety, and the hope for our future generations. In the process, we heard heartfelt stories, calls to action, and optimism for the future.

On The Trail

The Giffords Foundation visited the University of Houston, University of Minneapolis, University of Nevada Las Vegas—just to name a few—and to generate excitement and draw attention to the events, we created a digital hub of information.

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Looking To Next

The 2018 Midterms were a wild success for the Giffords Foundation, due in large part to the on-the-ground tactics of engaging voters and community stakeholders during this tour. Now for next... because this is just the beginning.

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