Hold Onto History

History favors the bold. In a world rapidly changing, sometimes the most daring course of action is steadfastness and an understanding of what is enduring. Since 1883, Hamilton has held on to a way of doing things that is not so much focused on what is here today and so often gone tomorrow. In their own workshop, they still carefully measure, cut patterns by hand, select only the finest fabrics, finish those with painstaking detail, and deliver the finest shirts made to devotees around the world. All of this is done under the watchful eye of the next generation of the Hamilton family. There is only one Hamilton experience; it remains unchanged.


Redefined Collections

With a long history passed through multiple generations, the narrative of Hamilton and its offering had become overly complex. We crafted a distinct narrative and visual perspective for each collection to delineate the offering in a way that clients would find more intuitive.



While we worked to create clear messaging that accurately conveyed the voice of Hamilton, we completely redefined the visual vocabulary. With each photoshoot, we built an asset library with an elevated look and feel that is distinctly Hamilton. Although fabrics and stylings change from season to season, the quality, craftsmanship, and overall Hamilton experience remain consistent.

Elevated Experience

To create a total experience, we elevated each touchpoint of the brand, including their hang tags and gift cards. Instead of a traditional catalog, we opted for an evergreen booklet that shared the story of Hamilton.

Social Revolution

We built a strategy from the ground up that completely overhauled Hamilton's social presence. Stepping away from standard product photography, we crafted a number of social narratives that highlighted shirt detailing, elevated other iconic brands, leveraged Spotify playlists, reworked assets from people wearing Hamilton out in the world, and layered Hamilton's beautiful shirts atop minimalist artworks from the likes of Agnes Martin.


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