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Modern Moghul

Baroque Extravagance

An Architect's Vision

Modern Moghul was a passion turned business realized through international travel and a keen eye for fine fabrics, then beads, then gems. Around six years ago, Modern Moghul's designer, Bibiana Dykema, first ventured to Jaipur, India, and was instantly enchanted and awe-struck. Vibrant colors, dazzling gems, hand-polished metals, and detailed textiles inspired Bibiana to design a collection that blends east and west, centuries of history, regal motifs, dazzling color palettes and her own experience as a modern architect.


Fine Lines

BLKBOX created an entirely new digital and social experience to capture the personality of the brand. We found a serif type with unique curves that embodied the form of gems, the bend of metal, and the shape of historic arches. We paired this new chic type with bold, dramatic blacks and neutrals, and allowed the hues of the jewelry to take the spotlight.


Golden Age

For Modern Moghul's social platforms, we crafted a strategy that celebrated iconic women from the golden ages of Hollywood, the silver screen, and black & white beauties. We overlaid these bold images with Modern Moghul's own jewelry, taking a fun approach to an elevated form of digital dress-up. The end result embodied both camp and glamour in an eye-catching way.

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