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The Foreman

Pour One Out

Grizzled Hands, Refined Design

Finely detailed illustrations reminiscent of secret societies and underground speakeasies were the core of The Foreman's brand identity. We leveraged hours upon hours of research, diving deep into illustrative archives, scouring antiquated symbols, and dreaming up new imagery that married a refined visual aesthetic with a mysterious, dark, and rugged vibe. At the end of it all, we formed an expansive suite of visual assets that, on their own, were mystifying and intriguing, but together (and with the right key) formed a compelling brand narrative.


Top Shelf

The immense visual vocabulary translated well to collateral of various shapes, sizes, and materiality throughout the bar, from coasters to bar rags, menus, and business cards—no detail was overlooked.

The Details

Thoughtful architectural touches, innovative menu design, and immense material sourcing layered into our work. This bar may be full of secrets, but superior style is not one of them.

XNA- Points and Beyond